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Internet in Qatar

Starting this morning the Internet link is very slow, with 10-40% packet loss and 1.5 second RTT. This could be due to Qtel’s PCCWBTN link down starting after 8 a.m. AST. Traffic is routed via AS6453 (Teleglobe), which is heavily overloaded and oversubscribed. Of course, the FLAG Telecom link is not used for ADSL subscribers. So, the 2 MBPS ADSL link (largest residential package available in Qatar) real speed is around 200 kbps. This reminds me of home Internet access ten years ago.

Watch your home TV anywhere

Thanks to Sling Media, I can watch all cable and Pay-TV stations in Qatar, streamed directly from my home over the Internet. I can even remote control the Set-Top Box.

Sling Box (classic) connections: analog antenna (tuner) – cable, Composite input – UPC STB. The setup will be complete with a DVD HDD recorder (connected to S-Video input and also to the STB).

The new Sling Box Pro is on the way from and domains

Just registered and domains.

Web sites are ‘parked’ for now until I choose what to put there.

E-mail web access at

Also, the Start Page at, Calendar at and Docs and Spreadsheets at For mail, is aliased to

If you have ideas about web site content or want an e-mail address in these domains let me know 🙂 Same for domain.

DNS hosting kindly provided by EditDNS.

Google Checkout and Apps woes

After more than one month (order placed on February 27, 2007) I still haven’t received the Premier Edition upgrade.

Please see my post on Google Apps discussions:

Never seen such bad and unprofessional support for a (future) paid service and I highly recommend against buying this service.

Google Apps does not accept payments from Romania

Got this message from Google Checkout while trying to upgrade to Premier Edition:
Google Apps does not accept payments from Romania
VISA xxxx – Not accepted

I have used the same Visa card to upgrade Picasa Web Albums storage and on my trip to US with no problems.
Sad 🙁

Solaris desktop

From yesterday I am using Solaris 10 on my laptop. I’ve removed Windows and FreeBSD. Works like a charm (except sound), includes StarOffice, I’ve installed Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice. No problems so far. CDE with DarkGold color theme is my favourite for almost eight years, since I’ve installed Solaris 1.0beta on a SUN Workstation.

uname -a output:

SunOS laptop 5.10 Generic_118844-20 i86pc i386 i86pc

New Internet link

Just got a new Internet link from Dominet!


Welcome to my new blog!