Posts from June 2010.

Opensolaris b129 dom0 system clock offset problem

Please see below my solution to OpenSolaris bug ID 6908973, posted to xen-discuss list:

– set BIOS time to UTC

– set zone_info=UTC and zone_lag=0 in /etc/rtc_config

– set TZ=UTC in /etc/TIMEZONE

– enable ntpd

– after reboot the dom0’s time should be the correct UTC time

– shutdown all domUs; for each xVM domain remove the rtc_timeoffset

xm list -l domain | grep -v rtc_timeoffset > domain.sxp
xm new -F domain.sxp

– reconfigure each guest domain with BIOS time set to UTC

Hope this helps.

CentOS mirror

I have set up a CentOS mirror at

Of course, it’s IPv6 enabled.

Other hosted mirrors at