Posts from October 2009.

OpenSolaris 2009.06 to OpenSolaris preview 2010.02 (build 124)

Create a new Boot Environment:
pfexec beadm create devel

Mount the new Boot Environment:
pfexec mkdir /mnt/devel
pfexec beadm mount devel /mnt/devel

Use the dev publisher:
pfexec pkg -R /mnt/devel set-publisher -O

Update to the latest bits:
pfexec pkg -R /mnt/devel image-update -v

If everything went fine (after you read the Release Notes), activate the new BE:
pfexec beadm activate devel

pfexec shutdown -y -g1 -i6

Did this remotely. After reboot, system was up and running, including all xVM domU autostarted.