Posts from October 2011.

Fedora 15 pptpd RPMs

Fedora 15 pptpd source RPM:
pptpd-1.3.4-1.fc15.src.rpm MD5 65001b6c4d86cdfb5e28f89567782389

Fedora 15 pptpd i386 RPM:
pptpd-1.3.4-1.fc15.i386.rpm MD5 7c2aec6c7caf63c673d55134f1e1fb68

Fedora 15 pptpd x86_64 RPM:
pptpd-1.3.4-1.fc15.x86_64.rpm MD5 078a36e081b29804c02424b244bba7cf

Same comments apply from the other pptpd posts.

Juniper vs. FTPES

If you get timeouts connecting to a FTPES server, check if ALG is enabled (usually is):
JunOS> show security alg status
ALG Status :
DNS : Enabled
FTP : Enabled
H323 : Enabled
MGCP : Enabled
MSRPC : Enabled
PPTP : Enabled
RSH : Enabled
RTSP : Enabled
SCCP : Enabled
SIP : Enabled
SQL : Enabled
SUNRPC : Enabled
TALK : Enabled
TFTP : Enabled
IKE-ESP : Enabled

Enable secure FTP and FTP-ssl protocols:
JunOS# set security alg ftp ftps-extension

Commit and enjoy FTPES!